Virtual Receptionist Plan

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Plan Validity Call Rate Fax Amount
Basic Plan 6 months Rs.0.70/Minute Not available Rs.9120
Basic Plan 12 months Rs.0.70/Minute Not available Rs.17100
Advanced Plan 6 months Rs.0.65/Minute Available Rs.15960
Advanced Plan 12 months Rs.0.65/Minute Available Rs.27930

  • The Persondialing the IVR Extension will bear the call charge according to the call rates of his/her Telecom
  • At a time 2 concurrent calls can be connected under Basic Plans & 3 Concurrent calls in Advanced Plans.
  • Basic Plans allows maximum of 5 Extensions, and Advanced Plans allows up to 10 Extensions.
  • For Extra Concurrent calls extra costs will be applicable. Rs.1000 for each concurrent call.

With Sri Hema Infotech Virtual Receptionist, the callers can be diverted to multiple departments. Even if the office is small it gives the impression of a bigger company.

Local & Toll Free Numbers

Sri Hema Infotech provides local toll & toll free number to offer personalized automated greetings to callers and direct them through a network of extensions.

Access Available 24/7

In a small business or a start-up, you cannot afford to miss any call or answer calls. With the 24/7 Sri Hema Infotech Virtual Receptionist you would never need to miss a phone calls.

Incoming Call Recording*

Call recording is great for Consultants, Lawyers, Real Estate Agents, and other professionals looking to record contractual conversations.

Find-me Follow-me

With Sri Hema InfotechFind-me Follow-me technology, track your availability to your current business number starting from your office phone to your home or cell phone.

Multiple Concurrent Calls

Sri Hema Infotech makes sure that all calls are answered. Our solution can handle multiple calls simultaneously and without keeping the phone lines busy.


Sri Hema Infotech Music on Hold service allows you to choose from among a wide range of music tracks to play to callers on hold.

Welcome Greetings

Upload your own business greeting or we can arrange a professionally recorded greeting for a professional first impression.

Caller Identification

Your account includes a list of all calls received with the Caller identification (Caller ID) even if the caller doesn't leave a message.

Email/ SMS Notification

To keep you well informed you receive SMS and email notification of calls received on your Sri Hema Infotech Virtual Receptionist number.

Call Blocking

You can block unwanted numbers using our call blocking feature. You can white list blocked number anytime by login to your account.

WebPanel Access

Utilizing our Virtual Receptionist services with our WebPanel access has proven to be an excellent business solution combination.

Online Call Reports

You can view reports on the calls you receive and time spent on each call. By logging into your account you can instantly view the number of calls received.

Easy Billing

We offer easy online billing, you can make invoice payment or increase your account limit by login to your account.

Voicemail Service

Get voice messages via an email by designating one or several email accounts to receive the file with storage space that can be accessed via internet.

Fax Service

Get fax messages via an email by designating one or several email accounts to receive the message with storage space that can be accessed via internet. 

*We advise users make themselves aware of respective laws in their jurisdiction before recording calls.