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5 Best Blogs To Follow For SEO

You are probably reading this blog because either you are a Marketer or an SEO or even a content writer. Learning SEO or keeping up with updates in the field of SEO is quite a difficult task. There are many resources available on the internet specifically for this purpose. But the problem is not all those resources provide us with the correct and full details about SEO.

But don’t panic! In this blog post, we have put together a list of reliable blogs to follow for keeping up with the updates from SEO field.

1. Google Webmaster Central Blog (

Google’s official blog which keeps giving updates about their work on crawling and indexing sites for the Google index. This blog is important for all the SEOs out there to keep up with the ever changing updates on Google algorithms.

2. Moz Blog (

Moz blog is very famous among the industry experts. What to know anything about SEO? Moz is the answer for it! Name it link building, local SEO, international SEO Moz as the solution for everything related to SEO. Don’t miss those whiteboards Friday blogs from Rand Fishkin!

3. Search Engine Land (

As the name suggests, Search Engine Land is all about search engines. You can find blog posts about SEO, SEM, Mobile SEO, Local SEO etc., and Similar to Moz guide for SEO, search engine land as its own “Guide to SEO”.

4. HubSpot Blog (

HubSpot is a boon for those SEO beginners who are still not that familiar with the technical terminologies. Each blog post is so unique and yet written in a simple language which can be understood by everyone.

5. Neil Patel Blog (

Are you looking for resources which come with an illustrative example? Then, Neil Patel’s blog is where you should be looking for. Every blog post of him consists of a practical example, in which he explains how he approached it. 

Sure there are many other blogs on SEO. But these are ones every SEO must be bookmarking and follow them regularly for industry updates. Feel free to leave your comment about this blog post in the comment section.


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