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7 reasons why you should choose Android over iOS

At present, there are plenty of mobile operating systems available in the market. Android and iOS are the most famous and commonly used mobile operating systems. Choosing between these two to build your application? Whether you are an individual developer or a large development company, choosing the right platform is important because it can either make or break your business.

Companies can get better access to resources, which may not be the same in the case of individuals. So majority goes with Android. If you are planning out to build an app for your idea, there are several android application development companies or agencies available to help you out. But before choosing one among them, let’s take a look at the reasons why android is ahead of iOS in terms of application development.


Android apps can easily be transferred to other mobile OS like Symbian, Ubuntu, Blackberry and Chrome OS, as they are created using basic Java. Now, even Microsoft is working on an easier way to transfer Android apps to its windows services.

Java Roots:

Android is based on Java. Java is one of the most powerful and secured languages, which has been proved time and again. A wide range of mobile operating systems also uses Java. So, working on it can provide us with several opportunities like the ability to develop applications for other operating systems like Windows and Linux. Unlike this developing an app for iOS might require you to learn Apple’s own development languages like C or Swift. These languages will only work while you are creating apps for iOS and cannot be used to develop apps for other OS.


IMac is must to develop and run tests for creating an iOS based app. But, an android developer can develop an app on any OS like Windows, Linux or even iOS. Also, an iOS developer needs to pay $99 as yearly fee to work as a registered developer. While an Android developer needs only $25 to start with Google Play Store.

Android Studio:

The Android Studio, based on IntelliJ IDE, is one fantastic IDE. The name itself denotes that, Android Studio is for the development of android applications. It works fast and efficient. Developers can set their android project for different devices within seconds. While it was launched, initial app development was done with tools like Eclipse and other plug-ins.

Easy Upload and Download:

Google Play Store provides an easy way to display and download the android apps that you create, in few hours. But the same process may take several weeks in Apple’s app store. An app can be updated several times in a day after fixing bugs. But in Apple apps store you need to go through a lengthy process to update your app, this may be time consuming. So for beginners in mobile apps development, Android is the go to option.

Test Versions:

Android allows you to release alpha or beta versions of your app. These test versions will be made available to only a selected group of people. After completing testing and updates, you can release your new version of the app to the masses. This option of testing and update your app is not available in Apple’s App Store.


In terms of profitability, Android apps have been found to be more profitable. This is because Android devices hold a significant share of the market (about 78%) among mobile device operators.




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