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Prerequisites for Building a Website

Are you a small business owner, thinking of expanding your business market online by, building a website for your business? Following are the few prerequisites needed for building a website, before you start with design and development of your business website: 

Domain Registration

It’s very important to have your own custom domain. This will not only create a unique brand identity for your website, but it will also appear more professional to people. Domains are now economical and are available for yearly contracts. Try not to make the domain name lengthy or complex, because it must be easy to recall, effortlessly typed, and noteworthy. You can use Who. Is to determine if the domain you want is available at the market. If it’s not available, you will need to select an alternative of it or an entirely new domain; a .com is usually the best extension.

SSL Certificate

This is the next step after registering a custom domain. These days, it’s critical to have an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate, mainly in case you plan to have an online store tied in with your website. Search engines like Google are keen on SSL certificate, they will increase your rankings and visitors will trust your website. Let’s Encrypt gives free SSL certificate as long as you know how to set it up, if not, you can purchase one from a domain provider (i.e. Go Daddy) and they may take care of everything for you.


When you've got a custom domain, you need to choose a website hosting plan from a reputable provider. There are many web hosting service providers, with their very own merits and demerits. When you're shopping around for a web hosting provider, there are a list of things to take into account; fast web hosting, a 99.99% uptime assure, cPanel manipulate, smooth consumer interface, unlimited storage and obvious pricing. In my own experience, I have determined that if the pricing is simply too accurate to be proper, it usually is, because it influences the overall performance of the website hosting you may receive.

Image and Code Optimization

You can use free tools on the net, to optimize your pictures at free of cost by compressing the image without compromising the quality. The faster your pictures load for users, the much less aggravated they'll be as well as the better it is for Google, due to this they will rank your website higher on the search engine. Images must also have ALT tag to help Google index them. You must additionally make certain your website’s coding is fully optimized; you can use a service inclusive of Pingdom Tools or GTmetrix to calculate your website’s loading time and pinpoint the precise issues.


Most websites now have a blog, as it creates interesting content material for websites as well as allows web sites rank better on Google. You are probably wondering yourself that you don’t understand what to blog about or you aren't an avid blogger. This can be authentic, but it doesn’t need to be the case, because you don’t want to blog very frequently, once or twice per week is enough.

Contact Us Form

Making it smooth for visitors to contact you shows you care and you are interested to talk to them, no longer to mention a courteous component to do. This is why it’s a very good concept to have a “contact us” page with a built-in shape, and additionally hyperlink it to your website’s footer or a sidebar for people to find it without problems. And to ensure that you don’t receive spam, implement a CAPTCHA system for the built-in form.


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